Artist’s Statement and images of my pieces in the “Arts of Darkness” group show at Push Skate Shop Gallery (25 Patton Ave.), October 2019. ~ Jason Krekel

Asheville Villains

I have been thinking about art as activism as I’ve been dealing with my growing anger, seething about the injustices in this city that I truly love. 

The exhibition gave me the chance to try and exorcise some of the demons that have been plaguing us. The subjects were there at the onset begging me to address them!

Wanda Greenbacks - Art by Jason Krekel
Wanda Greenbacks

These pieces are mock-characterizations that may or may not bear resemblance to people in our community. The villiains are done up in pen and ink and ink wash, with stream-of-conscious pencil writings that attempt to put into words what the drawings do not.

Hustle Thomas - Art by Jason Krekel
Hustle Thomas the Were-rat of Wall Street

As a person who strives not to be confrontational, I struggle with passing judgement on and “roasting” individuals. These subjects are just human beings, and I fully embrace my own culpability in the wrongs these beings bring to light.

Fungi of Hop-sap - Art by Jason Krekel
Fungi of Hop-Sap

The truth is that these “monsters” in our local community each represent larger, broken systems we are all complicit in – and that we can change. Towards that end, a percent of sales will go to the Asheville Blade for their critical coverage of, and insights on local politics and culture.

Chris Hitman - Art by Jason Krekel
Chris Hitman