Krekel and Whoa

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Krekel and Whoa hail from Asheville, NC, and over the past decade have played more places than either can remember, catering their show to fit a plethora of situations. Always upbeat, you’ll hear this duo saw through vintage fiddle tunes, weave original yarns, and pound out esoteric rock-n-roll beaters. You’ll also feel the authenticity and heart they bring to every performance.

“Fusing rock ‘n’ roll with doo-wop and lots of fun, Krekel and Whoa are a captivating duo…” – A Music Blog, Yea? 


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Krekel and Whoa. Photo by Max Cooper.

Note: Krekel & Whoa performed for years as Mad Tea Party, Mad Tea and briefly as the Moodees. They’re happily sticking with Krekel & Whoa now.